Sani-Pass Disinfectant Stations 

Cleanetics now offers Sani-Pass Disinfectant Chambers. We are bringing cleanroom air showers to the general public. These chambers are ideal for all public settings and can provide that extra protection against viruses and bacteria.  Safe and effective. 

Sani-pass Disinfecting Chambers
Sani-Pass Disinfecting Station


All in one in one mobile disinfectant station.  This station is easy to install and appropriate for all public spaces. From schools, shopping centers, hospitals, airports, The Sani-Pass can provide the extra protection from microbes.  


  •  Infrared Sensors Auto Start-Stop Activation

  •  Head-to-Toe All Around Mist Coverage

  • Wheelchair Friendly

  • Suitable for All Types of Shoes

  • Mist Collection Tray with Drainage

  • User-Friendly Traffic Indicator Light

  • LED Light with Transparent Panels 

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