Modular Covid-19 Isolation Units

With the Covid-19 hitting hospitals across the nation, Cleanetics designed Modular Isolations rooms that provide immediate relief to the dire need of hospital Covid containment. Each Modular Covid Isolation Unit contains 10 ICU rooms with a dedicated nursing command center. Each patient bed is HEPA filtered, negative pressure, 100% outside air with 100% treated with ULPA exhaust, sterile surfaces with an encapsulated & homogenous architectural finish, all environmental conditions (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure Differential) validated and logged in real time, and are fully equipped with all process utilities required.

Containment of the Covid-19 is vital to flattening the curve and bringing our nation back to a safe environment. The Modular Covid-19 Isolation Rooms can provide that. Not only do they protect the healthcare workers, they protect the patient and community.

With our strategic business partner, TRANE, Cleanetics is excited about the opportunity to assist our nation in the response to this pandemic.

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