Material Pass Throughs

For fifteen years, Cleanetics has designed and manufactured a high-performance line of Sterile Casework for the Hospital Pharmacy sector (USP <797>). Using our proprietary Bio-Gard surface finish and durable (high-capacity) mechanical interlocking system, we've custom built STERILE PASS-THROUGHS for some of the nation's foremost Healthcare networks.

Air Shower Purging Material Pass-Through for Hazardous CSP

When your facility has an ISO7 Hazardous Cleanroom and want to pass material to an unconditioned or room that is above the ISO7 classification, the Purging Material Pass Through is the solution. Designed for USP<800> facilities, this pass through has HEPA filtration and negative pressure air, ISO5 classification, interlocking mechanism, Bio-Gard laminated, and added security features are optional.  Custom built to meet your size specification.  

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Material Pass Through

Material Pass Through with interlocking doors, Bio-Gard laminate, and custom built to your size specification.  Added security features are optional.

Material Pass Through