Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring

With the ever changing certification requirements, Cleanetics stays up to date on State and Federal regulations. Making sure your facility is in compliance is our number one priority.


Offering monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual preventative maintenance contracts, Cleanetics will clean, change filtration, particle monitor, and provide an assessment on your cleanrooms aseptic levels.  

Cleanetics also offers particle monitoring to validate your facilities ISO action levels.  Most companies will complete the certifications during resting periods. Cleanetics will complete certifications dynamic operational hours to ensure accurate particle monitoring.  Testing your facility in operation will validate your staffs sterile process.  Our staff can also make recommendations on particle/viable levels when issues arise.  From SOP review to staff training, Cleanetics will make sure you have the assistance you need.  

In need of evaluating your facilities SOP standards?  Cleanetics can complete your observations and assess your technicians.  Providing guidance to those that are new to the cleanroom process is one of our specialties.  Our current clientele include USP797 and 503B facilities. 

Environmental Monitoring
Particle Monitoring Systems
  • Continuous Monitoring Units

  • WiFi, Ethernet, USB Features

  • Mobile Units 

  • Durable 

Petri Dish
  • Air impaction and Surface Sampling

  • ISO standards

  • Complete reporting within 3-4 weeks

  • Assistance with SOP protocols

modern clean interior science laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology

  • Nanotechnology

  • Semi-Conductor

  • Medical Device

  • Aerospace

  • USP<797, USP<800>, & 503A/B

CAiiRE Initiative TM

In response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Cleanetics has designed Modular Isolation-Intensive Care Units, effectively separating "Covid" from "non-Covid" patients, bridging the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care--saving lives while protecting healthcare workers from the dangers of Novel Virus contagions.

Looking to renovate an existing space into a medical device facility for mask production? Please visit our Mask Production Page under our Covid Initiative Tab.

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