CAiiRE Initiative™ 


The Cleanetics CAiiRE Initiative™  is the future of Novel Virus Care—the most effective means of separating "Covid" from "non-Covid" patients, bridging the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care—the foundation of the Cleanetics Covid Continuum™ .

Modular Covid Isolation Units
Modular Covid-19 Isolation Units

Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™: 10-Room 3-D Overview

As the nation works tirelessly to stop the spread of Covid-19, we see firsthand how current efforts for patient isolation has left thousands of people corralled into convention centers and renovated hotels. Intensive Care Units have been overwhelmed, exceeding patient capacity and contaminating the buffer between care providers and the infected.


Cleanetics believes that the future of COVID CARE will be a complete separation of Covid from non-Covid patients within the health care spectrum.

In the face of the current crisis, we’ve designed and engineered a new critically controlled environment—the Cleanetics Acuity-Adaptable Isolation Units™—an innovative, upscale solution that bridges the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care.

The features include:

  • Multiple, single patient rooms, each with an independent, isolated air system;

  • Delivers all the process utilities (source equipment) of a modern Intensive Care Unit;

  • Each Patient Isolation Suite is equipped with a private bathroom for comfort and Dignity of Care, as well as lessening the risk of cross-contamination;

  • Each patient Isolation Suite immediately adapts into a fully functional ICU the moment the patient’s acuity level increases, eliminating the need for the patient to be transported;

  • This product can be delivered and commissioned in 4-5 weeks (an impressive feat for a system of this quality and performance);

  • And, Cleanetics will bring a FINANCING option. Each project can be funded within five (5) days--a workable Vendor Equipment monthly payment plan that allows the end user to realize true COST AVOIDANCE without an immediate capital expenditure.


The Cleanetics CAiiRE Initiative™ is a “forward thinking” concept . . . but we must look ahead as we prepare for the next pandemic outbreak.