Cleanroom Installations

At Cleanetics, we can project manage your cleanroom facility to ensure on time and accountability from your GC.  With expert experience in the Cleanroom sector, we will make sure your facility is adhering to FDA/State/ISO regulations. Cleanrooms are a specialty construction and should be treated as such.


Don't let your project become a nightmare with fingers pointing blame. 


Let Cleanetics manage your facility and ensure the project is running on time, budget, and function.  


If contracting us to build your Cleanroom, we will assess the design and verify that it will be functional and meeting your regulations.  Our contracting team is one of the top in the nation and has built high profile jobs around the globe.


Point of contact and thorough communication is what Cleanetics will provide.

building a structure
Modular Cleanrooms
  • Modular Cleanrooms Installed

  • New Construction or Retrofitting

  • Easy to reconfigure

  • Quick Installation

Bio-Gard Wall Laminate
  • Non-porous, heat welded, high impact resistant, homogenous finish

  • Applies to existing wall/substrate

  • Meets ASTME-84 Testing

  • Quick Installation

modern clean interior science laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Biotechnology

  • Nanotechnology

  • Semi-Conductor

  • Medical Device

  • Aerospace

  • USP<797, USP<800>, & 503A/B

CAiiRE Initiative TM

In response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Cleanetics has designed Modular Isolation-Intensive Care Units, effectively separating "Covid" from "non-Covid" patients, bridging the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care--saving lives while protecting healthcare workers from the dangers of Novel Virus contagions.

Looking to renovate an existing space into a medical device facility for mask production? Please visit our Mask Production Page under our Covid Initiative Tab.

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