From Healthcare to Pharmaceutical, from Semiconductor to Medical Device, if your facility requires a critically-controlled environment, Cleanetics will bring you into compliance. 

  • Design/Building all ISO classifications

  • Modular Cleanrooms/Bio-Gard Wall Laminate Systems

  • Cleanroom Preventative Maintenance Packages

  • ISO Certifications for viable and non-viable

  • Custom Manufactured Cleanroom Products

    • Purging Material Pass-Throughs for hazardous​

    • Standard Material Pass-Throughs for non-hazardous

  • Particle Monitoring Units

  • Disinfectant Products

Trust the Clean Room Experts.

Nationwide and International Services

CLEANETICS is driven by seasoned professionals steeped in hands-on experience in the cleanroom sector.  Our capabilities include consulting, trouble-shooting, designing and building cleanroom environments. From pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and nanotechnology upstarts to computer chip, semi-conductor and electronics manufacturing to the myriad types of laboratories and compounding suites in healthcare environments subject to USP 797/800, Cleanetics has the capabilities to deliver cleanrooms that meet and exceed your expectations.

Cleanroom Specialists 

Cleanroom Consultants & Design Builders
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Cleanetics evaluates each client's cleanroom specifications, regulations, and expected outcomes. 


YOUR VISION--your success--is our only goal. 


To achieve that, we diligently work with your in-house staff (division specific) to design, engineer and build state-of-the-art clean room environments that improve the efficiencies of your production and validates your compliance. 


The Cleanetics Team combines interior clean room design-build experts with discipline-specific process engineers with decades of experience in Facility Integration. 

OUR TEAM has vast experience across several industries--from the Life & Health Sciences to Medical Device to Semiconductor and any other manufacturing that requires "Clean Production"--Cleanetics consults, designs, engineers, builds, and certifies cleanrooms to the highest standard.

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At Cleanetics, we define our success by the level of success of our clients--something that's measured long after our Design-Build Construction is complete.


To validate YOUR SUCCESS, Cleanetics offers an Annual Preventative Maintenance Program, consisting of quarterly visits with bi-annual ISO-Certifications--the practice of treating your clean room like a vital piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance and upkeep; protecting your capital investment while securing your facility's sustainability in the interest of your stakeholders.

CAiiRE Initiative TM

In response to the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, Cleanetics has designed Modular Isolation-Intensive Care Units, effectively separating "Covid" from "non-Covid" patients, bridging the gap between Emergency Response and Environment of Care--saving lives while protecting healthcare workers from the dangers of Novel Virus contagions.

Looking to renovate an existing space into a medical device facility for mask production? Please visit our Mask Production Page under our Covid Initiative Tab.

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